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Posted by Darryl Mooney on 18th Feb 2022

I remember well the excitement of waiting for the book to arrive. ‘BARR FLIES’ How To Tie and Fish the Copper John. The Barr Emerger and dozens of other patterns, variations and rigs. The year was 2007. I have been tying flies for something like 31 years. Yet every single pattern listed and described in this book I had never seen before. Literally, pattern after pattern just jumped out at me. Each one would often fall into a couple of consid… Read more

Posted by James on 4th Sep 2017

A very last-minute decision this weekend to hit the River Dee with friends. This time we were fishing the Groves Farm beat on the Bangor on Dee Salmon Anglers ticket. Groves is one of my favourite beats on the Dee as it offers every kind of fishing you could wish for from deep holes through to shallow runs. Our 9am arrival to the beat was greeted by the usual wet conditions and within minutes, the heavens opened up and gave us a nice 15-minute sh… Read more